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  • PlayDownload1 Composers Tsippi Fleischer and Haim Alexander in conversation
    with the members of 'BelCanto Frankfurt'
    Israel Music Institute, 20 November, 1995 (in English) 06:01 min.

    During their 1995 tour of Israel, 'BelCanto Frankfurt', directed by Dietburg Spohr, took part in one of the regular meetings hosted by the Israel Music Institute. This file presents a short extract from that encounter. The moderator Amnon Wolman asked the Ensemble’s members about the theatrical aspect of their work; in response, Dietburg Spohr describes how each performance differs from the next, and how each singermember of the ensemble can express her own individuality. Tsippi confirms this, based on her observations of the rehearsal process.

  • PlayDownload2 The Judgement of Solomon I: Meeting at Mofet Institute
    December 17, 1997 (in Hebrew) 15:50 min.

    Tsippi Fleischer presents her work The Judgement of Solomon to her colleagues – teachers of education and pedagogy in Israeli colleges – at a meeting hosted by the Mofet Institute.

  • PlayDownload3 The Judgement of Solomon II: A meeting of the educational kit’s
    development team at the Mofet Institute

    February 12, 1999 (in Hebrew) 01:42:40 h.

    An edited version of a meeting held by Tsippi Fleischer and her colleagues, towards the preparation of the educational kit The Judgment of Solomon: An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Biblical Story.

  • PlayDownload4 Hanoch Ron’s talk at the premiere of At the End of the Ways
    Levinsky College of Music, November 8, 1999 (in Hebrew) 26:42 min.

    The music critic Hanoch Ron discusses the major breakthroughs in Tsippi Fleischer’s computerized oratorio and in her collaboration with Ziona Peled in the art-video version of this work.

  • PlayDownload5 Levinsky College of Education – a multi-disciplinary encounter in the classroom | May 2002 (in Hebrew) 35:14 min.

    A rare, authentic documentation: Tsippi Fleischer and her colleague, Dr Aviva Aviv (erstwhile Head of Levinsky’s Sociology Department) in a joint music-and-sociology workshop, encouraging a multi-disciplinary encounter between students from different disciplines and different ethnic-cultural backgrounds

  • PlayDownload6 Avi Hanani speaks at a CD launch for the album Girl Butterfly Girl – a World Journey | March 3, 2005 (in Hebrew) 03:46 min

    Avi Hanani – erstwhile Head of the IBA’s Voice of Music station – speaks at one of several events celebrating the album’s release

  • PlayDownload7
    event invitation
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    Book launch for the textbook Harmonization of Songs Levinsky College of Education, January 1, 2006 (in Hebrew) 52:52 min

    Speakers and participants included Yael Shai (then Superintendent of Music Education at the Israeli Ministry of Education), Shulamit Feingold (then Head of Levinsky’s Music Department), Noam Sheriff and Astrith Baltsan. Producer: Nehama Rabner.

  • PlayDownload8 Like Two Branches – Tsippi Fleischer’s monologue at a meeting of the Israeli Women Composers’ Forum | April 13, 2008 (in Hebrew)
    scheme of the
    1st section,
    handwritten by Ts.F.
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    1:08:13 h.

    A revelatory monologue by Tsippi Fleischer at a meeting of the Israeli Women Composers’ Forum hosted by the late Noa Blass, also attended by Avner Itai, who conducted the work’s world premiere and spoke about the preparations for that performance. Prior to Tsippi Fleischer’s monologue and the subsequent discussion, Itai’s recording of the complete work was played.

  • PlayDownload9 Gerhard Koch’s lecture at the event launching Tsippi Fleischer’s collection at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem
    November 8, 2008 (in English) 21:52 min.

    Gerhard Koch – music critic for the Frankfurter allgemeine Zeitung, who has known Fleischer throughout her years as an active composer in Germany – presented this lecture as part of an event celebrating the introduction of Tsippi Fleischer’s collection at the NLI. In his talk, titled “Tsippi Fleischer - An Identity between Several Cultures”, he wove together different aspects of Fleischer’s creative persona, illustrated with short recorded samples from several of her compositions. He is introduced by Dr Gila Flam, Head of the NLI’s Music Division.

  • PlayDownload10 Tsippi Fleischer’s address at the launch of her collection at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem
    November 8, 2008 (in Hebrew) 09:10 min.

    Tsippi Fleischer’s short address at this event, in which she describes the formation of
    this collection and its significance. The file also included the spoken introduction to
    the performance of Ballad of Expected Death in Cairo (file no. 16 in this Retrospective
    Collection's Pieces section).

  • PlayDownload11 The Gown of Night – an illustrated talk at the Sounds of the Desert Festival | December 26, 2008 (in Hebrew) 09:35 min.

    Tsippi Fleischer shares with her audience the creative process behind her electronic composition The Gown of Night, in a talk given prior to a performance of her cantata Like Two Branches later that evening, with the Israeli choir Naked Voices conducted by Tamir Hasson.

  • PlayDownload12 The Judgement of Solomon – an illustrated talk at the Sounds of the Desert Festival | December 26, 2008 (in Hebrew) 17:26 min.

    Tsippi Fleischer introduces the work, the creative process that led to it and the educational kit it inspired. About the event, see file 11 above; on the educational kit, see files 2-3 above.

  • PlayDownload13 Like Two Branches – towards the performance at the Sounds of the Desert Festival | December 26, 2008 (in Hebrew) 06:42 min

    In this talk, the composer explains, among other things, the connections between the composition of her cantata Like Two Branches and her visits to Cairo. See also File 11 above.

  • PlayDownload14 Moshe Zuckermann on Elsa Lasker-Schüler in Tsippi Fleischer’s Music: 1. Mein Volk | November 29, 2009 (in Hebrew) 02:21 min.

    Moshe Zuckermann analyses Fleischer’s setting of Lasker-Schüler’s Mein Volk, in an event celebrating the launch of the double album Lieder.

  • PlayDownload15 Moshe Zuckermann on Elsa Lasker-Schüler in Tsippi Fleischer’s Music: 2. Weltschmerz | November 29, 2009 (in Hebrew) 05:30 min.

    Moshe Zuckermann discusses the abstraction of suffering in Lasker-Schüler’s poem, and praises Tsippi Fleischer’s musical setting. For details on the event, see file 14 above.

  • PlayDownload16 Gideon Ofrat’s talk at the launch of the double album Lieder
    Felicja Blumental Centre, Tel Aviv, December 5, 2009 (in Hebrew) 19:31 min.

    Gideon Ofrat presents an overview of Tsippi Fleischer’s world, with many references to specific works.

  • PlayDownload17 Josef Bardanashvili’s talk at the launch of the double album Lieder Felicja Blumental Centre, Tel Aviv, December 5, 2009 (in Hebrew) 03:00 min.

    Bardanashvili offers a humorous salute to Fleischer’s lifelong creative work, focusing on the multi-cultural aspects of her oeuvre.

  • PlayDownload18 Yorik Ben David greets Tsippi Fleischer in honour of her 70th birthday ACUM Artists’ Pavillion (Beit Hayotser), Tel Aviv Harbor, July 15, 2006 (in Hebrew)
    event program
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    03:56 min.

    Yorik Ben David, ACUM’s chairman, presents Tsippi Fleischer with the ACUM Honorary Fellowship, as part of an event titled “Education is all” in celebration of the composer’s 70th birthday. The event also featured the world premiere of Fleischer’s Seventh Symphony and an exhibit.

  • PlayDownload19 Tsippi Fleischer’s students reminisce at an event celebrating her 70th birthday | ACUM Artists’ Pavillion, Tel Aviv Harbor, July 15, 2006 (in Hebrew) 33:34 min.

    Several of Tsippi’s students, who became key figures in musical life in Israel and beyond, recount her undoubted contribution as an educator. The first speaker is conductor Avner Itai.

  • PlayDownload20 The story of Tsippi Fleischer’s encounter with Ross Daly, as told to Dr. Uri Golomb | January 11, 2017 (in Hebrew) 14:12 min.

    In preparation for Tsippi Fleischer's Biography, she told the book's editor, Dr. Uri Golomb, the fascinating story of her encounter with Ross Daly, whose playing inspired her to compose her Fourth Symphony.