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A new performance of the cantata Like Two Branches! The Israeli Women Composers Forum festival, Vox Feminae III (2016), will feature a tribute to Tsippi Fleischer to honor her 70th birthday. The program will include the world premiere of a newly composed work, Two Songs of Pain and One Song of Joy; and the cantata Like Two Branches (1989) in a brilliant performance by the Moran Singers and guest players conducted Guy Pelc. This cantata, with its combination of modern exoticism with the ancient poetry of an Arabian-Bedouin poetess, has already earned a place as one of the masterpieces of the late 20th century. The concert will be held at the Tzavta 2 Auditorium in Tel Aviv, on December 1 at 19:30. Tickets can be ordered from Tzavta (03-6950156, Further information (in Hebrew) can be found in the attached flyer and on Tzavta's website.
Earlier performances of Like Two Branches - conducted by Avner Itai and Tamir Chasson - are available for streaming and download on this website.
We are excited to announce a series of events dedicated to Tsippi Fleischer's music in celebration of her 70th birthday (see also here, in Hebrew). [link to PDF file).
On October 7, the Israeli Music Celebration will feature the world premiere screening of a spectacular video production of the grand opera Adapa, based on an ancient Akkadian myth and sung in the original language. The screening will take place at Tel Aviv Museum's Assia Auditorium, at 10:00 and 13:00; for details and tickets, click here.
Tickets to the screening at the Tikotin Museum in Haifa on November 3 can be ordered from Amos Lanir (; see also here. This screening will also feature a 30-minute conversation with the composer, moderated by Zmira Lutzky (Voice of Music, Israeli radio).
You can watch clips from the video production here and a short documentary on the compositional process here. Audio excerpts from the opera can be downloaded here.
In addition to these and other screenings in Israel, the opera will also be presented at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow (October 26) and at Archiv Frau und Musik in Frankfurt (October 29). The Archiv will also be publishing a special edition of Viva Voce dedicated to Fleischer’s music.
To celebrate this publication, there will be a concert by ensemble Belcanto Frankfurt, who will perform Fleischer’s Appeal to the Stars and Mein Volk.
We are also happy to announce a special concert dedicated to Fleischer’s music as part of the Israeli Women Composers’ Forum festival, Vox Feminae, on at the Tzavta 2 Auditorium in Tel Aviv, on December 1.
Revivals of Tsippi Fleischer's Hexaptychon! Hexaptychon III was performed in a new version for string orchestra on March 27 at Sao Paulo, Brazil; and now, on May 12, Hexaptychon IV for harp and string quartet will be performed by young talented students at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
We are delighted to announce a new fully-staged production of the children's opera 'Oasis' in Graz, Austria; for details, click here . In addition, Hexaptychon III will be performed on March 27 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a new version for string orchestra.
On November 18 , the Aharon Dolgopolsky Center for Nostratic Research will open in Jerusalem. For details and invitation, click here .
On May 25, the Moran Singers, conducted by Guy Pelz, will perform the first madrigal from the cycle Scenes of Israel - Six Madrigals. The performance will form part of a concert dedicated to Israeli music at the Felicja Blumental Music Center in Tel Aviv, in collaboration with the Israel Composers' League.
On May 31, the Tzlilei Eshkol Choir (Eshkol Elementary School, Beer Sheva), with guest players, will present a full stage production of the musical Alei Kinor. The performance, conducted by Yulia Balla, will take place at the Youth Centre in the old city of Beer Sheva.
On June 21, the Vokalquintett Berlin will perform the world premiere on stage of A Letter from Nagib Mahfouz in Berlin. For more details, see the Ensemble's website,
New feature on the Tsippi Fleischer website!
The website now offers free downloads of a choice of the composer's unpublished scores. Links to these scores are designated as PDF in the "Publication" column in the List of Compositions . For further details, and a list of available scores, click here. Hard copies of these scores are available for perusal at the Tsippi Fleischer Archive, Israel National Library, Jerusalem . We are also happy to announce that the German version of the opera Medea, and the Hebrew and English versions of the opera Cain and Abel, are now being re-edited; clean, electronically-prepared editions of these scores will eventually be uploaded to the website.
We are happy to inform you that all recordings of Tsippi Fleischer's music released commercially on the Vienna Modern Masters label are available for listening on Naxos Music Library ; some also include digital versions of the accompanying booklet. For a list of the CDs, click here.
TSIPPI FLEISCHER PERFORMANCE NEWS: During the last spring, Tsippi Fleischer visited Europe - including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna and Bratislava - for a series of working sessions in preparation for new productions of her music

GIRL BUTTERFLY GIRL: The soprano Mor Kan-Tor performed the Hebrew version of "A girl dreamed" - the fourth song in the song cycle Girl Butterfly Girl - in a series of concerts by the Carmina Singers, conducted by Taum Karni (Tel Aviv, June 2014). This coming October, the soprano Brigitte Zehetner will perform the complete cycle in Vienna (in a Hebrew version for voice, flute and piano), alongside "Shir Shabbath" (Sabbath Song, one of the pre-opuses).

AHARON DOLGOPOLSKY NEWS, on the second anniversary of his death: The Indo-European Dictionary with Nostratic Etymologies by Aharon Dolgopolsky has been published. Following the publication of his monumental dictionary, covering 4,000 Nostratic roots (the global reconstruction) by Cambridge University, Prof. Dolgopolsky was commissioned to prepare a series of affiliated dictionaries, each dealing with a different macro-family. He was hard at work on those dictionaries prior to his death, and the first of those - dealing with the Indo-European family - has just been published. There was great demand for this dictionary among linguists who study this macro-family; since its publication, it inspired substantial interest and has been widely distributed. To obtain a hard copy of this dictionary, contact Kirill Babaev:
We are pleased to announce that the worldwide shipment of Tsippi Fliescher's CDs - to libraries in universities and music academies, radio and television stations, orchestras, choirs and opera houses - has been completed successfully. Copies of the CDs were also sent to all the music libraries in Israel.
New CDs available online!
The Discography section now includes Tsippi Fleischer's most recent CDs, released in 2013: The Box of Late Opuses, which features world-premiere recordings of works composed in 2011-2012; and Innovated Classics, featuring new versions and interpretations of Fleischer's Girl Butterfly Girl and Like Two Branches. The discography also includes a page dedicated to Etty BenZaken's new CD, Voice Drawings, which features her performance of Saga Portrait.
Two of Tsippi Fleischer's works - Appeal to the Stars and Moderna - received their West Coast premieres by students at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), in a festive concert titled "Chamber Music Across the Divide" on December 8, 2013. The concert was part of the symposium "Listening to the Other: Mideast Musical Dialogues" , which took place at UCLA on December 2-8, and also featured the US premiere of A Letter from Naguib Mahfouz. Fleischer's music received excellent performances and earned an enthusiastic response from the audience.
The Clock Wants to Sleep was performed at the ISCM festival (Vienna-Bratislava 2013) on November 4, 2013, by a choir of pupils at the Zakladna umelecka skola (Elementary School for the Arts) in Sahy, Slovakia, conducted by Martina Balazova. This performance follows on the world premiere, fully-staged production of the English version of Oasis in Bratislava on May 2013, which can be viewed here. The Clock Wants to Sleep had already been performed in Zagreb in 2011 , also at the ISCM festival.
The CD Innovated Classics received its radio launch on November 21, 2013, in Tsippi Witztum's program on new recordings on Israeli Radio's Voice of Music channel.
We are delighted to announce the release of a new CD, INNOVATED CLASSICS. This disc sheds new light on two of Tsippi Fleischer's major settings of Arab texts, which enjoyed remarkable new performances in recent years. The cycle Girl Butterfly Girl is presented in two new versions - with chamber ensemble (sung in Hebrew) and with a symphony orchestra (sung in Arabic). The cantata Like Two Branches is presented in a compassionate performance conducted by Tamir Chasson; selected passages are also presented in the original version, with the kanun. The CD is available from the Israel Music Institute and by contacting the composer directly ( It will also be available soon for listening and downloading from the composer's website.
My beloved husband, the linguist Prof. Aharon Dolgpolsky, passed away one year ago. To commemorate his legacy, I am sending here a memorial to him (in Hebrew), written shortly after his death. May he rest in peace.
Tsippi Fleischer's book Matti Caspi - The Magic and the Enigma (in Hebrew) was published in May 2013; for details (in Hebrew) see: A festive book launch will be held on July 13, at ACUM's Beit Hayotser at Tel Aviv Harbour; for details (in Hebrew), see: In preparation for this event, Zmira Lutzky will broadcast an hour-long conversation with Tsippi Fleischer about the book, and the uniqueness of Matti Caspi's harmonic language, on July 11 at 6 PM, in her program on Israeli radio's Voice of Music channel.
On July 18, at 8 PM, there will be a festive event at Beit Bialik, Tel Aviv, honouring the 80th birthday of Sasson Somekh, the world-renowned scholar of Arab literature. Tsippi Fleischer (see her article on her long association with Sasson Somekh here will attend the event, presenting her work A Letter from Naguib Mahfouz as performed by the Vokalquintett Berlin. The work is based on a letter which the Egyptian author and Nobel-prize laureate wrote to his friend Sasson Somekh.
The children's opera Oasis continues to excite enthusiastic responses. For a summary of recent responses, click here. For a photo gallery of the fully-staged world premiere of the English version in Bratislava, click here. For a filmed version the first scene from the Bratislava production, click here.
Upon her return from the premiere of her children's opera Oasis (English version, Europe), Tsippi Fleischer was told that preparations have begun for further performances of this production - at the ISCM Festival in Bratislava, as well as in Vienna, Prague and Budapest. These performances will be arranged in collaboration with the Israeli Embassies in these countries.
The English version of the children's opera Oasis was premiered on May 19. This fully-staged production took place at the St. Cecilia Elementary School of Arts, Bratislava. The opera was sung by children, pupils at the school; the choreography, stage and costume design will be done by members of the Bratislava Opera House. The premiere took place in the presence of the composer, who was invited especially to attend the event. More details in the enclosed poster . Details of the previous production, in the original German, can be seen on; excerpts can be viewed on; and a complete recording of the work can be heard and downloaded from
The Tsippi Fleischer archive at the Israel National Library is now available online! On February 26, 2013 , a website dedicated to this archive was launched within the Israel National Library website . The purpose of this website is to make rare materials, contained in the archive which the composer donated to the National Library's Music Department - available to the public. Among other things, the website contains: audio and video recordings; original manuscripts; documentation of compositional processes; interviews with the composer; and biographical signposts interwoven with pictures, letters, documents, press clippings, and more. The event celebrating the website launch can be viewed in two parts on Youtube, here and here .
Announcement by the Tsippi Fleischer website team: We are proud to announce two events which will mark the launch of Tsippi Fleischer's new CD - The Box of Late Opuses (VMM 1065) . On March 18, at 10 AM, the CD's launch will be marked at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (Lecture Hall 231). Entrance is free. On March 21, Zmira Lutzki will dedicate her program Nuages, Fetes, Sirenes to the new CD. You are welcome to listen to the program IBA's Voice of Music channel . The program starts at 6 PM, Israel time. The new CD features premiere recordings of four works (listed here in order of their appearance on the CD): A Letter from Naguib Mahfouz; The Animals' Wish; Symphony No. 6 - The Eyes, Mirror of the Soul; and Avram - Oratorio on the Birth of Monotheism.
On February 26, the Music Department at the Israel National Library of Israel will launch its own Tsippi Fleischer website within the Library's website . During the launch event, Dr. Gila Flam, the Head of the Library's Music Department, will present the library's Tsippi Fleischer collection, which the new website represents; and Jenny Aouizerate-Levin will speak of "Musical spaces" in Tsippi's image, as reflected in the new website. In addition, the composer herself will introduce audio and audio-visual excerpts from her works. The event will include an exhibit of selected manuscripts by the composer from the Library's collection. Entrance is free, and the public is welcome. A link to the new website will posted here soon.
On January 18-24, the internet radio station Radio Arts Indonesia broadcast, for the second time, a series of programs dedicated to Tsippi Fleischer's music, as part of their "Composer of the Week" segment. The programs included, among others, Saga-Portrait, the Second and Third Symphonies, Fibonacci Dance, and others. This radio station frequently broadcasts Fleischer's music.
Five new videos dedicated to Tsippi Fleischer's music have been uploaded to the composer's Youtube channel: two complete productions of the opera 'Cain and Abel' - the world premiere (Tel Aviv, 2002) and the European premiere(Viena, 2005); a film documenting the production of the musical Alei kinor at the Hess Elementary School in Petah Tikva, Israel, 2011; and short films portraying the premieres of two new compositions, The Animals' Wish and Symphony No. 6 - The Eyes, Mirror of the Soul. Pages dedicated to these new videos will be uploaded soon on this website. The oratorio Avram returns! Following the great success of the world premiere at the Israeli Music Celebration, a further performance will take place on December 6 at Notre Dame de Sion at Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. For further details, press here.To hear an excerpt from the work, press here.
The world premiere recording of Letter from Naguib Mahfouz, the latest work by Tsippi Fleischer, with the Vokalquintett Berlin, took place in Berlin on October 20, in preparation for the premiere stage performances in Israel and Europe. The work is sung in five languages �" in the Arabic original, and in translations to Hebrew, English, German and French.
The festive world premiere of Avram �" an oratorio portraying the birth of monotheism took place at the Rappaport Auditorium, Merkaz Ha-Carmel, Haifa, on September 20, 2012, at 17:30, as part of the 15th Israeli Music Celebration. The Hemyola Women's Choir, conducted by Ron Zarhi, was joined by five violinists (students at the Thelma Yellin Arts High School) and three harpists
Tsippi Fleischer's Sixth Symphony, The Eyes, Mirror of the Soul - a unique multimedia work, inspired by an exhibition of the same name by the late designer Dorit Harel - received its world premiere on July 20. This extraordinary event, which included the projection on a large screen of eyes' photographs from Harel's exhibition, enjoyed great success and acclaim. For details (in Hebrew), click here.
On June 10, Sapir College (southern Israel, near Ashkelon) dedicated a series of workshops to Tsippi Fleischer's music, in the framework of the Sapir Forum of Cultural Research. The event included two workshop encounters moderated by Prof. Moshe Zuckerman. He presented the opening lecture, followed by Avi Hanani (Israeli Radio), the Arab literature scholar and translator Prof. Sasson Somekh, and Tsippi Fleischer. The composer also directed a workshop-concert, featuring live and recorded performances of her works, as well as unique documentation of the premiere voyage, in Israel and Germany, of her new work The Animals' Wish. There was also an exhibition of the composer's manuscripts.
Tsippi Fleischer has been invited to participate in the festival "Musik Unserer Zeit 2012" at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and is travelling to Germany to participate in this festive event, produced by the Musikhochschule Münster (the University's Music Academy), which will take place on 20-25 May. The festival will present the world-premiere stage production of her new work The Animals' Wish, featuring acting, pantomime and dance, in two performances � one by children, the other by students from the Music Academy. The Festival will include a performance of a new German version of Fleischer's song-cycle Girl-Butterfly-Girl, as well as many of her solo and chamber works. The composer will also present a lecture on her video-art composition Daniel in the Den of Lions.
The composer Tsippi Fleischer embarks this month on a European tour, to record the world premiere of two new versions of her song cycle Girl-Butterfly-Girl � for a chamber ensemble and for an orchestral ensemble. These versions will open up a new path in the continuous world journey of this song cycle, which had already received numerous versions and performances.
During this tour, she will also be taking part in several meetings in Europe, in preparation for an English-language production of Oasis. Last month, this opera's premiere production received the Linz-Papageno International Award for children's operas; it was awarded the first prize, having competed with dozens of children's operas from around the globe.
From now on (January 10, 2012), all of Tsippi Fleischer's albums are available freely for listening and downloading from this website's Discography pages - from the LP "Music for Small Ensembles" (1986), specially digitised for this website after years of being unavailable, and up to the new CD Oasis, featuring world-premiere performances of three of the composer's works, composed in 2009-2010.

The children's opera Oasis (libretto: Yael Medini), which illuminates the world of the children of Sinai during the Exodus, has now received a superb world-premiere recording (following its acclaimed debut production last year in Germany). The new CD (VMM 4007) also includes the world premiere recordings of two more works: Moderna and Erasure . For details, see Discography . The CD can be obtained through Vienna Modern Masters or by contacting this website. The opera is already available in English and Hebrew versions.
Many of Tsippi Fleischer's works are broadcast weekly on Radio Arts Indonesia . Updated playlists - including a special listing of contemporary composers, where broadcasts of Fleischer's music can be easily located - can be downloaded every week from their homepage.
All the video films linked with Tsippi Fleischer's compositions have been uploaded to her Youtube channel: A full table of contents for these films can be found on the video section of her website:

A new, extensive French section is now available on the website:
  For Tsippi Fleischer's archive at the National Library of Israel, click
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